Sensations, Flavours and Culture: discover the other side of Lisbon

Blackjack - Sail Yacht

Welcome to beautiful Lisbon where the sun shines 290 days per year! Since we want you to get to know every side of the city, we teamed up with Yacht Lovers to give you a perspective of the Portuguese capital you’ll never forget. Get on board this Sail Yacht with a capacity for up to 10 people, and enjoy Lisbon and Cascais from the most important river in Lisbon.

Highlights: Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Christ The King, Comércio Square, Oeiras/Cascais beaches, MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), Champalimaud Foundation, São Jorge Castle, Rua Augusta Arch and many more…

2 hours


from 35€ per person

3 hours


from 49€ per person

4 hours


from 59€ per person

8 hours


from 89€ per person

4 hours


from 75€ per person

8 hours


from 99€ per person

Tours from 2 until 4 hours include: 2 bottles of wine, 1 juice bottle, 1 soda bottle, 2 water bottles, and 1 snack board.

Tours with +4 hours include: 4 bottles of wine, 2 juice bottles, 2 soda bottles, 4 water bottles, and 2 snack boards.

Go by Boat Experiences

go by boat wine experience

Wine Experience

Exquisite Wine Taste – Portugal is known for its excellent wines, and each tour will have a distinct wine tasting experience. Our sommelier will pick the best Portuguese regional wines for you.

romantic experience

Romantic Experience

How about surprising your other half with a boat tour? Romantic moments abord this sail yacht will be unforgetable. Want to propose to that special person, but you’re out of ideas? With our romantic experience in the “Boat of Love” make sure the answer to your important question is “YES”.

go by boat taste experience

Taste Experience

Tailored to your taste, we prepare just for you a board with the best Portuguese flavours. Each flavour represents a different region of Portugal, it will be mouthwatering!

bachelor party

Bachelor Party

About to get married? Want to say goodbye to your bachelor life? How about doing it on a boat in an idyllic and cool setting? We’re waiting for your requests and promise you that it will be an experience to never forget.

boat (2)

Picnics Aboard

Picnics, dinners and lunches aboard. Eat exquisite food in an astonishing and delightful environment, doesn’t it sound nice? Picnics are the kids favourite, and perfect for some fun and relaxed family time.

go by boat sunset

Taylor Made

There’s a lot of ways you can experience the Portuguese capital, and if you have a creative idea that we haven’t thought about share it with us! We’ll be very pleased to accommodate all your requests.

These are just some of the experiences that we can offer you. The possibilities are endless... If you want to go for a dive in the lovely Cascais or Oeiras beaches, we can arrange it for you. If relaxing in a mesmerizing environment is more your cup of tea, then we can organize a yoga class aboard the yacht. As we told you the possibilities are endless, and we are open to all of your suggestions and ideas.

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Tour Reviews

Liliana Teles

Wonders of Madrid

I loved my tour with Marco! He was really friendly and this tour was the highlight of the trip. We got to see every nook and cranny of the city, would highly recommend!


Lisbon Big Overview

Lisbon is one of most beautiful cities of Europe, I live in Lisbon for a while now, but only after this Tuk Tuk tour I have been able to access the most amazing hidden places of the city. You will never get there if you take a bus or tram.