Why go on a Tuk Tour?


With different themes and times, you will certainly find a Local Tuk Tuk tour suited to your taste!

If you’re not too fond of extensive walking or crammed tourist busses, a tuk tuk trip is ideal for your holiday. Especially advantageous to the city of Lisbon, the small motorised vehicles are a quick, comfy, and very efficient way to make your way through the capital’s narrow and winding streets. Providing you with a personalised service, Local Tuk Tuk’s mission is for you to experience the Portuguese capital through the eyes of a local, and leave with a sense of what is the true Lisboan hospitality.

The tours are led by young drivers with aptitudes in several foreign languages, and their training is provided on city grounds, with the goal of acquiring an in-depth understanding of the many places they will be showing you. They will provide you with insightful knowledge on our tours that explore Lisbon’s history through its best monuments. The circuits are designed and suited to different lengths and tastes, covering stops at points of tourist attraction, allowing their contemplation and offering a brief explanation of the site throughout the duration of the trip.

With cabins for transport of up to six passengers, these electrically fuelled vehicles have a removable cover to adjust to the atmospheric conditions – so you can travel whether it’s sunny or raining – and provide an unforgettable experience for your exploration of the most emblematic monuments and landmarks across the hills of Lisbon.

Embark on a unique journey across a city filled with history, culture and an overall good mood – in one of the most fun and adaptable ways of transportation!