tuk tuk in praca do comercio

Tuk Tuk came from far far away, from the big cities in India or Thailand, where they were invented more than 50 years ago. For the most part, they operate as taxis and are found in the most touristy areas of the cities.

Nowadays, this tricycle with cabin for passengers, is already part of the touristic menu of several European cities, such as Madrid and Lisbon.

The unconventional means of transportation is ideal for tourists who want to visit the most difficult places to reach. The three tuk tuk wheels manage to arrive where another means of tourist or personal transportation don’t. The narrower and steeper streets, the more hidden viewpoints and all the places only the real natives know. A tuk tuk tour is ideal for experiencing a city as a whole, almost as a local.

That’s where Local tuk tuk comes in. Our mission is to provide you with unique experiences and to show you the essence of each city in a genuine and passionate way, through fun and unforgettable experiences.

Each one of our tours are thought to the detail, always focused on the different needs of every client. We leave nothing aside: the best shopping streets, the best places to eat, the most spectacular viewpoints, the most emblematic religious heritages, the main monuments … among so many other things that both capitals have to offer!

Our tours are led by young and specialized drivers in each of the cities they work. The mission of each one of them is to offer you genuine and detailed information of all the places you pass by, always in the best company.

Do you think that doing a tuk tuk tour is just a summer activity? You’re wrong! Local tuk tuk cars have a removable roof adapted to the weather conditions. Rainy days, or radiant sunshine days, are always perfect for a tuk tuk tour.

Come explore Lisbon and Madrid in an electric and environmentally friendly tuk tuk. On holiday with your family, with a group of friends or even alone, this is an experience you will never forget. Not only tourists benefit from a tuk tuk tour, guided tours in this three-wheeled cars make up the perfect corporate event your employees will love!

Come discover for yourself all our tours or contact us so we can customize your experience according to your needs and preferences.

Come live and experience the cities of the Iberian Peninsula.