Ideas for Father’s Day: Celebrate originally
Father and son walking in a road surrounded by trees

You don’t need to lose your sleep trying to find ideas for Father’s Day. The most original ones are right here!

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Women’s Day and Pets Day should be every day.

Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we forget to enjoy the company of those we love the most, and we need days like this to remind us to do so.

If you need help in the inspiration department for celebrating Father’s Day, read on. In this article we share with you our ideas for activities and presents for Father’s Day.

Activities for Father’s Day

  • Cultural visits

How about using this special occasion to plan a day full of cultural activities that all the family can enjoy?

Around this time, many museums, science centres, monuments and family entertainment companies organize special activities to celebrate Father’s Day.

Research the monuments and events closest to you and you are sure to find something that makes dad feel special while also engaging the children.

If you can’t find an event or activity of interest near you, plan a visit to these monuments anyway! Our country has such a rich culture and heritage that it is almost impossible for the family not to have fun exploring them.

Extra tip: These are the best museums to visit with kids in Lisbon and Oporto.

  • Surf lesson

For those who are more adventurous and connected to nature, a good activity to celebrate Father’s Day is to try a surf lesson.

The family can recapture part of the summer spirit and get in some laughs around everyone’s desperate attempts to keep their balance. The kids will love splashing in the water and the father can feel like the family hero when he gets to surf the first wave.

On the other hand, if you do want to celebrate Father’s Day in contact with nature but surfing isn’t really your thing, or you don’t live close to the coast, you can always go on an adventure on one of the many hiking routes of the Portuguese countryside.

Extra Tips: Here is a list of Portugal’s Natural Parks and Reserves. When choosing a school, always give preference to those certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

  • Tuk Tuk tour

If you want to try out something different, but not necessarily embark on an adventure as daunting as a surf lesson, then a good idea for Father’s Day is to book a tour on a tuk tuk.

These versatile electric vehicles are a great option for family outings, as their open views and picturesque design offer a more relaxed experience when it comes to exploring the city.

Even though we have the pleasure of taking both Portuguese and foreign families on tours on these vehicles every day, we never cease to be amazed by the fun that everyone experiences.

In general, most tours are private and guided, so the family can make the most of their trip and discover hidden details about the city that they had never noticed.

This is undoubtedly the best option for those who want to mix culture with a pinch of adventure and a dash of originality.

Extra Tips: Take a look at our tours in Lisbon and share your favourite with us. If you want to learn more about our tuk tuks, read our article What is a tuk tuk.

  • Picnic (at home or elsewhere)

For those who prefer to kick back and love a good family meal, celebrating Father’s Day by organizing a picnic may just be the perfect plan.

We have so many playgrounds and green spaces that it is unlikely that there won’t be at least one place around your neighbourhood where you can spread your picnic blanket, unwrap your sandwiches and delight dad with his favourite snacks.

While the children get to play in the park or run in the open, the parents can relax and enjoy the peace of a placid afternoon on the grass.

If the sun decides to take a vacation and rain clouds threaten your outing, you can always throw neatness to the wind and build a fort with your bedsheets. After crowning dad king of the fort, the coronation banquet can begin.

Father’s Day presents

  • Experience vouchers

Experience vouchers are a great way to pamper dad without exhausting your wallet, while giving him the freedom to enjoy the experience whenever it works best for him.

A lunch at his favourite seafood restaurant, a weekend getaway, workshops, boat trips… the possibilities are endless. You can find the perfect voucher with just a quick browse through the most famous voucher websites.

  • Handicrafts

Nothing makes a father’s heart melt on Father’s Day like receiving a present made by his own children. A short thank-you video, a fancy bookmark or a personalized mug decorated by the kids are simple presents that carry a very special meaning.

If the father has an inclination for art, he can always organize a marathon of crafts at home where everyone can unleash their creativity.

  • Tickets for events

Many major festivals have already announced their line-ups. So if dad’s favourite star is going to be performing, why not gift him with a ticket?

If you have already perused the billboards and found no interesting performers, don’t worry! You can always give him tickets to a sports game or a show.

So did you find inspiration with our Father’s Day ideas? We hope so! Now we can all turn off our computers, wish all fathers a great day and go give a big hug to ours!


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