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Estoi Village

Be enchanted by the historical and architectonical richness of this village
Up to 4 People
2 hours

Faro & Beach

A relaxed outing through history and ocean views
Up to 4 People

Faro Time Travelling

Time travelling – a journey through Faro’s past and present
Up to 4 People

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If you thought about visiting Portugal you must have heard about Algarve, the beach destination of Portugal with lukewarm waters and astounding seaside views. Faro is the capital of Algarve and the place where the third international entry is located. Even though you can feel the hustle and bustle of life in the city, there’s a lot of wilderness to explore. In short, this cosmopolitan city offers you a wide range of activities and trying to get to know everything can be overwhelming. So the Faro Tuk Tuk Tours have come to help you discover every side of Algarve’s capital. From the busy city centre to the calming shores of Ria Formosa Natural Park, you’ll see all there is to explore in an eco-friendly, family-friendly and fun way. Since nowadays video is worth more than words, we’ll stop talking and let you press play on the video. Did you see it? We were right, weren’t we? Faro is a wonderful city!


front of carmo church in faro

Carmo Church

This is one of the top cultural attractions in Faro mainly because of the Bone Chapel located in the back of the Church. It’s a strange sensation walking into a building made entirely out of bones, this place gives us a strong reminder of human mortally. So, if you’re squeamish about this sort of thing we don’t recommend you enter. Otherwise, it’s an interesting cultural point in the city that reminds all of us to live life to the fullest. Even if you have no interest in the Chapel, the interior and exterior of the Church itself are also worth visiting. The location of the monument makes the church building stand out in all its might against the small traditional houses. The interior, with its statues and golden details, is striking. And like any church, it’s worth looking up at the beautifully built celling.

Up to 4 People
milreu ruins in faro

Roman Ruins of Milreu

Do you know Estoi? If you answered no, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun! Estoi is a traditional village located just outside of Faro where time has stopped. The cafés and shops are usually used by locals, so you get to experience and see the Portuguese way of living in its true form. Besides being a quiet little place, there’s more to explore in Estoi one example are the Roman Ruins of Milreu. If you have the same vivid imagination that we do, you can almost see the ruins morph into a beautiful Roman Vila where the thermal baths and intricate tiles are the main pieces of attraction. If you want a fun way of getting to these Roman ruins and exploring the quiet village of Estoi come on the Estoi Village Tuk Tuk Tour!

sunset at a beach in faro

Faro Beach

Another attraction that you absolutely have to see is Faro’s Beach. With its long kilometers of sand and wild beauty, this stop attracts people from all over alongside the Portuguese. Accessible only by boat or bridge, which permits the passage of cars, Faro’s beach isn’t your typical stretch of sand. Instead, you’ll find a dune system that separates salt marshes, canals, and islets from the Atlantic Ocean. If a connection with nature is what you seek, the farther ends will undoubtedly give you that. However, if eating a good meal while overlooking the ocean is more up to your speed, this space also provides that experience. When you find yourself in Faro, be sure to check this place out, even if it’s in winter. If this sounds like the perfect activity for you, check out the Faro & Beach tuk tuk tour.

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Jean michel MURCIA

Lisbon Street Art

A big thanks to Eduardo who is a really nice and interesting guide !
We have seen beautiful graphitis that we  would never seen without his help .
LocalTuktuk is a must !
We recommend it !
Fabienne and jean michel


Lisbon Big Overview

Lisbon is one of most beautiful cities of Europe, I live in Lisbon for a while now, but only after this Tuk Tuk tour I have been able to access the most amazing hidden places of the city. You will never get there if you take a bus or tram.

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