Corporate Services

The sky is the limit when it comes to our corporate services! We can create a personalized tour or take you on one of our standard tours. We can even transport your guests, clients or workers from their hotel to their restaurant or any other points you would like. We can also create fun team building events and have our tuk tuks decorated with your brand.

Yes, they do. At least one member per team should have a smartphone with internet access.

Yes, we can! Our Lisbon and Madrid fleet is large enough to accommodate big groups.


We do not charge any extra fees or taxes, just the specified price.

We accept payments via PayPal and Credit Card.


Yes! Our tours take place even on rainy, windy, hot or snowy days, or under any other climatic conditions, as long as these are not extreme and do not pose a risk to your safety or the driver’s. We like to offer you exciting experiences, and our tuk-tuks, with their removable cover, are suitable for any weather! In case of any adverse weather conditions, you will be notified the day before the date of the tour that you made a reservation for and will be able to reschedule your reservation.

Given that when you are travelling you will probably not have access to a printer and that our use of paper must be reduced to preserve our planet, it is not necessary to print any document! You only need to show the tour driver/guide an ID document that matches the reservation that was made, as well as the order number that you received after making the reservation.

You are not required to bring anything specific. However, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for the weather forecast for the day of the tour and that you bring a bottle of water and, obviously, your camera, lots of free space in your phone’s memory card and a selfie stick to capture the best moments of the tour.

A specific meeting point will be set and you will have each other’s phone number so you can both be reachable if you need it.

Even though our tuk tuks have security belts, if you are taking an infant for the tour, you should bring a baby car seat.


Any cancellation must always be requested via email or by phone, at least 24 hours before the time set for the tour. Only by doing this can you get your money back. We are unable to give refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or in case of no-show.

Yes, infants and children occupy a seat.

Yes, you can make changes to your reservation if you notify us via email or mobile with more than 24 hours in advance.

In Lisbon and Madrid, we operate from 09h00 am to 21h00 pm. In Faro, our partner operates from 10h00 am to 17h00 pm from April to October. From November to March they operate from 09h00 am to 16h00 pm.

Special Events

Of course, you can! There are lots of ways our tuk tuks can make a birthday party way more cool and fun. Contact us and let us know your ideas!

We can build a tour specially designed for this unique celebration. Just let us know what you want, and will make it happen!

We can transport your guests from the church to the wedding reception or any other place you would like. We can also transport the bride and groom in an original and fun way!


Yes, we organize personalized tours. We can create a whole new tour for you or take you from point A to point B in a fun and original way.

Yes, the drivers are also guides. We guarantee that our drivers/guides will make you feel like a true inhabitant of Lisbon, sharing information with you that only locals know about.

In Lisbon and Faro, the drivers speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. In Madrid, they speak English and Spanish. Our tours in Lisbon can also be operated in other languages depending on the availability of the drivers. Please contact us if you want the tour to be in another language.

The cost for a tuk tuk tour depends on many factors like the city and duration. They can go from 50€ to 240€ per vehicle.

The pick-up and drop-off points depend on the city and tour. You can see the specific point for a certain tour on its page. However, we can pick you up at any point you wish. An additional charge can be collected depending on the intended pick up location. In this case, please, contact us.


The maximum number of people per vehicle depends on the city. In Lisbon and Faro, the vehicles can carry up to 6 people. In Madrid, they can carry up to 4 people.

Yes, our tuk tuks are 100% electric, eco-friendly and silent.

Yes, our tuk tuks have removable covers. This makes them adaptable to any weather conditions