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Christmas Edition

Xmas Lights Madrid Tour

Christmas brings more colour and charm to Madrid
Up to 4 People
60 min.

Madrid Big Overview

Experience the charm of the flagship landmarks of Madrid
Up to 4 People
120 min.

Historic Madrid

Getting to know Madrid is getting to know the world
Up to 4 People
60 min.

Wonders of Madrid

Be delighted by Madrid's most wonderful secrets
Up to 4 People
240 min.

Streets Of Madrid

Fall in love with Madrid's typical streets and neighbourhoods
Up to 4 People
60 min.

Romantic Madrid

Madrid — a source of passion
Up to 4 People
60 min.

Madrid River

From the culture of Madrid to the peacefulness of the riverside
Up to 4 People
90 min.

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Here's a little sneak peak

Madrid is a vibrant city full of life! Fascinating art, great food and a nightlife that will definitely keep you up. The city will alure you with its many charms making it difficult to return home…  Still, haven’t decided to book the tour? Here’s a little sneak peak to make the decision a little easier.

Top Attractions

Plaza Puerta del Sol

One of the most famous places in Madrid, Puerta del Sol was originally one of the gates of the city wall that surrounded the Spanish capital. It’s in here that the some of the busiest streets meet up, so you can feel the hustle and bustle typical of the big cities.

Up to 4 People
60 min.
five things do to in madrid

Puerta de Alcalá

Designed by the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini and built in 1778, Puerta de Alcalá was once the main entrance to the city. This majestic gate is located near Parque Del Retiro in Plaza de la Independencia, the place where Calle de Alcalá, Calle de Alfonso XII, and Calle de Serrano meet. Do you want to see this monument live and in colour? Check out our Historic Madrid tour here.

cibeles fountain and palace

Fuente de Cibeles

Built in 1782 and located in Plaza of Cibeles, the fountain of Cibeles represents Cybele, the Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture, accompanied by two lions, Hippomenes and Atalanta. The statue of the goddess was design by Francisco Gutiérrez and the two lions by Roberto Michel. Come and discover this amazing place with our Madrid Big Overview tour! Find out more here.

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Tour Reviews

Liliana Teles

Wonders of Madrid

I loved my tour with Marco! He was really friendly and this tour was the highlight of the trip. We got to see every nook and cranny of the city, would highly recommend!


Lisbon Big Overview

Lisbon is one of most beautiful cities of Europe, I live in Lisbon for a while now, but only after this Tuk Tuk tour I have been able to access the most amazing hidden places of the city. You will never get there if you take a bus or tram.

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