Fun, Cool and Original

Our tuk tuks can be part of your events and parties, giving them a twist of originality and fun.


Forget the limousines and the vintage cars! There is nothing more original than arriving at the church in a tuk tuk or leaving in style on your way to the wedding reception! Have you ever imagined doing a photoshoot aboard one of our vehicles? We promise to dress up our tuk tuks to make you shine even brighter on your special day! If you want to break away from tradition, Local Tuk Tuk is the way to go!

Birthday Parties

Why not surprise the birthday boy or girl with a visit at work followed by a tuk tuk tour? We can help you prepare unique surprises!

Bachelor Party

Surprise your friend who is about to get married. A tuk tuk tour will only be the begging of an EPIC night! We promise to prepare our tuk tuk for the ride.

Make all your special dates memorable and unique! And If you want to surprise somebody, we will be the best accomplices. Contact us and share your ideas with our dedicated team. Together with the versatility of our tuk tuks, we can help you to make a difference!

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Tour Reviews

Liliana Teles

Wonders of Madrid

I loved my tour with Marco! He was really friendly and this tour was the highlight of the trip. We got to see every nook and cranny of the city, would highly recommend!


Lisbon Big Overview

Lisbon is one of most beautiful cities of Europe, I live in Lisbon for a while now, but only after this Tuk Tuk tour I have been able to access the most amazing hidden places of the city. You will never get there if you take a bus or tram.