Tuk tuk tour, the perfect corporate event
Group of ecstatic business partners looking at camera with raised arms

Do you think all of your company’s activities, corporate events and promotions are always the same? That team buildings should be more dynamic or different in some way?

All of these activities are crucial to the success of your business. If you want to attract new customers, keep current ones or increase the motivation of your employees, you must organize and prepare different and unforgettable dynamics for them.

How about a tuk tuk tour to energize the different events that your company has in mind? You may not have thought about it very much, but these electric tricycles can provide unique experiences that will make your activities memorable.

Find out some of the top reasons that make a tuk tuk tour a perfect corporate event, or team building activity.

1 – Employees get out of the “work mode”

One of the key elements to organizing a good team building exercise is to keep employees out of the office and the state of mind associated with it.

And what better way to do that than with a tuk tuk tour around town? Your employees will relax, unwind, while interacting with each other and building bonds of friendship.

2 – Show the city to your employees and customers

Does your company have employees who are new in town? Tuk tuk tours are wonderful and fun. A unique way to get to know a city. Help them fall in love with their new home and, by association, their new workplace.

Don´t stop with your employees. You can also surprise your customers with a tuk tuk tour around town and thus make them feel more relaxed and ready to do good businesses!

Besides that, many tuk tuk tour companies allow you to choose specific themes and routes (for example, Local Tuk Tuk offers everything from sightseeing tours, the major monuments, to the best places to try delicious local dishes).

3 – Increases the interaction between your employees

Large companies are divided into many sectors. Thus, it is possible that in your organization there are collaborators who do not know each other yet. The possibility of holding an event and having them in the same place enables dialogues that will be essential to the operation of your company.

Companies that have the tradition of organizing fun and constructive events for their staff tend to have a more positive image in the market. It will also result in greater internal appreciation because everyone prefers to work in companies with constant social and professional activities.

4 – It´s cost-effective

Finally (and this may be the only reason you need), tuk tuk tours are one of the most accessible and affordable group activities you can find.

Of course you could spend a lot of money and rent out a space or buy tickets for a big event, but why do so when you can enjoy all the great beauty of your city sitting in the best place in the world?