The 6th of January is the favourite day in the whole of the Christmas season for Spanish children, and for many grown-ups too. Yes, Christmas presents are opened on that day! The Epiphany, known in Spain as Three Kings’ Day, is one of the most popular feast days in the Christian tradition in Spain, commemorating

Dress up! New Year’s Eve is upon us! Do you know where you’ll be celebrating? In Lisbon or in Madrid? Today we present some of the best places in these two cities where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in an unforgettable way! Are you ready? The countdown has started! Ten… Nine… Eight… Terreiro do

Isn’t that divine? On St Martin’s day, celebrated on 11th November, you can find bread, chestnuts and wine on Portuguese tables! This tradition is maintained to mark the date when the saint was buried, in the French city of Tours, where he was the bishop and founded Europe’s oldest monastery: Marmoutier. People believe that, on

Halloween is a celebration known throughout the world, originally associated with English-speaking countries but which now has a place in many non English-speaking countries. Portugal is no exception. But did you know that, until very recently, the tradition was to ask for Pão por Deus or “Bread in God’s name”? Discover this Portuguese festivity, which

Summer months mean more amusement and pleasant activities in Madrid. Longer days and warmer nights invite us to taste a tinto de verano or a horchata, on one of the many outside spaces of Spain’s capital. Madrid temperatures can reach 35ºC on summer time, challenging anyone to leave the house. Get to know our suggestions

Those moments of excitement and enthusiastic shouting are getting closer. This is the time when many of us proudly display the national flag at our window, put the scarf around our neck and raise our right hand to the chest. World Cup 2018 is almost here. Soon it will be time to support our national

June has just arrived! And with it comes the first dives, the warm nights, the parties and the celebrations of the Popular Saints. The smell of roasted sardines and the aroma of the basil invades the streets of Lisbon, now adorned with colorful ribbons and paper balloons. The habitants of the typical neighborhoods rehearse their

With summer coming up, entertaining your kids while on vacation can become a real challenge. The heat, the change of schedule and routine and the excitement of the family outings, can lead to some restlessness in the little ones. Although they enjoy themselves in many ways, they also get annoyed quickly. But we have a

A mother is the one who creates, who cares, who pampers, who protects, who helps and loves unconditionally. A mother is a mother. And yours is the best in the world, right? So it deserves a present to match that. How about surprising her with a tuk tuk tour and provide her with a day

With the upcoming holidays and the bad weather going away, it’s time to get out of the couch and the afternoons at the movies. The Portuguese capital offers a wide variety of activities to mark Freedom Day (April 25th) and Labor Day (May 1st), with the family or friends. Follow our proposals and make the