5 Things To Do In Madrid

Madrid is a city of many faces – and it is undoubtable that you will find something suited to your taste within the Spanish capital’s boundaries.

1. Sports

Whether you’re a football fanatic or just a sports savvy, Madrid has a series of activities for you to enjoy. From something as simple as a bike ride across the city to a visit to the iconic Santiago de Bernabéu stadium – home of the world renown club Real Madrid – you will be able to find something to match your sport of favour. The limelight, however, falls onto the snow park found at the Xanadú shopping centre, just in the outskirts of the capital. Whether you feel like showcasing your snow sport prowess, defy time and temperature, or if you simply want to learn a new skill and enjoy a few hours of fun with friends and family – the Xanadú SnowZone is definitely the place to visit.

2. Food

Inherently Iberian, with a strong Mediterranean flair – Spanish cuisine is a foodie’s paradise. From perfectly seasoned recipes to the laid-back way of ‘tapa-ing’, Madrilenian gastronomy has heaps to offer. Enjoy a ‘bocadillo de calamares’, or a fried squid sandwich, a staple of Madrid’s best street food. Often seasoned with lemon juice or mayonnaise, this quick yet delicious dish can be found all throughout the Plaza Mayor – and the place to find it, as established by locals, is the Cervecería Plaza Mayor. If you are more of a sweet tooth, Madrid will not leave you disappointed. A dish that is commonly consumed at breakfast times, ‘chocolate y churros’ is a well-known, indulgent delicacy throughout the country. Follow the locals and visit the famous Chocolatería San Ginés, a prime location in the centre of the capital that has been serving the dish since its opening in 1894.

3. Parks

Despite holding the title of a cosmopolitan city, Madrid is by no means devoid of green spaces. Perhaps one of the city’s most known parks, the Parque del Buen Retiro is not only one of the city’s many green spaces, but also the location wherein a memorial for the Madrid Bombing victims was constructed. Comprised of 192 trees – one for each victim of the attack – the memorial is known as the ‘Bosque del Recuerdo’, meaning the Forest of Remembrance.  Head onto a less known park, that can contest the title for the most beautiful in Madrid, despite its fairly unknown status. The El Capricho park is one of a kind, as within it, an old Spanish Civil War bunker can be found. The park itself has held its location since 1784 and showcases a number of botanical, historical and artistic wonders. Containing a myriad of refreshing fountains and an intriguing labyrinth, the Parque de El Capricho will certainly provide for an entertaining outdoors afternoon, while exploring one of Madrid’s top underrated spots.

4. Fairs

Taking place every Sunday and bank holiday at the heart of the city of Madrid, El Rastro has established itself as a much loved tradition. Situated in the old, yet hip neighbourhood of La Latina, the street fair is a haven for vintage lovers. Within its stands, you will be able find anything from antiques to thrift clothes, and even souvenirs or artisanal handicrafts. Immerse yourself in the busy market and find a bargain or two, whilst experiencing the heart of the Madrilenian streets.

5. Sights

If Madrid by foot does not fully satisfy you, the Teleférico is the best opportunity to compliment your tour. Reaching heights of 40 metres above the ground, this cable car that spans almost 3km of the Spanish capital will give you a panoramic like no other. Enjoy the sights of an ever-buzzing city from an advantageous point – and culminate your trip with a drink or a bite to eat at the terrace bar and restaurant that can be found at the end of your Teleférico journey. Enjoy Madrid through a different perspective, and revel on some of the most beautiful sights in the city.