Yes, the Christmas spirit is in the air in Lisbon and Madrid. Could it be because it’s cold? Could it be because of the Christmas music filling the city centres of the Portuguese and Spanish capitals? Hmm, maybe… But one thing’s for sure: without traditional Christmas lights, this festive period wouldn’t be as magical in

The Portuguese are said to be a sad, melancholic, nostalgic nation… They even have a word, untranslatable into any other language, which defines the feeling of sorrow and nostalgia caused by the absence, disappearance, distance or denial of people, eras, places or things that we feel linked to and would like to have again: saudade.

Isn’t that divine? On St Martin’s day, celebrated on 11th November, you can find bread, chestnuts and wine on Portuguese tables! This tradition is maintained to mark the date when the saint was buried, in the French city of Tours, where he was the bishop and founded Europe’s oldest monastery: Marmoutier. People believe that, on

Halloween is a celebration known throughout the world, originally associated with English-speaking countries but which now has a place in many non English-speaking countries. Portugal is no exception. But did you know that, until very recently, the tradition was to ask for Pão por Deus or “Bread in God’s name”? Discover this Portuguese festivity, which

It’s true, tapas are usually associated with Spanish culture, but if there’s one thing that Portuguese people like to do, it’s eat! Tapas aren’t exactly a novelty in Portugal, but they were traditionally known as petiscos, or snacks. And going out for both snacks and tapas means having something to eat whilst you spend time

Lisbon is an enchanting city, full of history, monuments and amazing attractions, that brings tourists from all the corners of the world. And yet, the Portuguese capital still has places that are little-known by the majority of tourists visiting it, contributing to increasing all the mystique that surrounds this city that exudes tradition. Today we

With open arms to the world, Lisbon is a unique city full of traditions. It’s impossible to think you Lisbon without the Tagus river, that through the centuries has shaped the city and its people, bring new travellers, experiences and cultures. If in the past the river was Lisbon’s mean of survival and the starting

Hi, I’m a Local Tuk Tuk driver! Family, friends, couples and even companies: there are thousands of people coming from every corner of the world looking forward to try a Local Tuk Tuk trip. As a driver, my mission is to provide you with an incredible, unforgettable experience, full of history, culture and good mood

At a time when the so-called modern taverns and alternative restaurants are emerging, there are those who prefer a more traditional place, with a family atmosphere and typically home-cooked cuisine. Papel towel, house wine, homemade snacks and handwritten menus. These are the characteristics of a typical Lisbon tavern. Almost of all them work as restaurants,

Millions of people arrive in Lisbon on a daily basis. They come from all parts of the world and contribute to the strong multiculturalism Portuguese capital has. “Lisboa menina e moça, menina. Da luz que os meus olhos vêm tão pura. Teus seios são as colinas, varina. Pregão que me traz à porta ternura”, according