Discover the best presents for people who love travelling!
three christmas presents with colourful wrapping paper

Sometimes, Christmas music and lights alone don’t help to inspire the most indecisive of us when embarking on the adventure of buying the best Christmas gifts. So, today we’d like to give you a helping hand if, at this point, you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping. If you still need to buy presents for people who love travelling, then this article is for you. You’re very likely to find the ideal gift on our list!

Travel books and guides

Whether in the preparation period before the trip or during the trip itself, travel books and guides are excellent presents for those who enjoy setting off in search of new places. Whilst guides can help us to plan what to visit, books can help to pass the time spent waiting in airports between flights.

Travel journal

We make new memories when travelling, but we’re not always able to remember everything. In these situations, a travel journal is perfect for complementing photos: we can record places and historical references from the trip, or even ideas for our next destination.

Tuk Tuk Tour

And speaking of destination ideas, one which will delight the most adventurous is the challenge of a new travel destination, based around a gift. Why not give a tuk-tuk tour as a Christmas present? It provides a great excuse to visit one of the cities of the Iberian Peninsula, based around a general tour of the place, allowing you to explore it in a unique, fun way.

Memory sticks, memory cards and hard drives

The best way to record travel memories is through photos, and this is essential for most travellers. Sometimes, saving photos poses a problem when your mobile phone or camera memory is full. This makes storage devices an excellent gift for travellers in general, but especially for those who like taking photos.

Toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is a must for most travellers! This accessory affects the comfort of any trip and will come in very handy to anyone backpacking from adventure to adventure, or even for those who choose to stay in a hotel. It’s always good to have our personal hygiene products with us in our toiletry bag and, if it comes complete with mini shampoos, soaps and other toiletries, compatible with air travel rules on liquids, even better!


Who doesn’t like putting together a great soundtrack for a trip? Headphones allow travellers to listen to music without disturbing others, and they are also easily transportable. They’re the ideal travel companion when you’re at a loose end on a trip, like when waiting at train or coach stations, airports, or even during long journeys between destinations.


Smartphone batteries don’t tend to last long, especially if we also use our mobile phones as cameras to record everything that we see on a trip. To avoid missing that fantastic photo of an unforgettable sunset or becoming uncontactable whilst away, all travellers will appreciate having a portable powerbank to boost their smartphone battery.

Universal plug adapter

Even if we have a powerbank, if we have no way to charge it during our trip, it becomes useless after the first charge. Sometimes, depending on the country, plug sockets are different and incompatible with our electronic devices, such as smartphones or cameras. To solve this problem, there’s nothing better than giving a universal plug adapter as a present, to make life easier for anyone who likes travelling.

So, have you found the gifts you needed? If you haven’t, here’s one last suggestion… How about forgetting presents for others and treating yourself to a trip to explore Portugal or Spain over the Christmas period? Discover all the magic of Christmas in the Iberian Peninsula accompanied by a guide/driver. Click here to find out about the tours available, for an experience straight from your dreams! Escape the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping and be amazed by the true beauty of Christmas. You’ll want to do it all over again next year!