Celebrating Christmas at work: Creating motivation and team-building
Group of people gathered around a table working while hearing Christmas hats

One of the most wonderful times of the year is fast approaching. Christmas is a time for bonding, for celebrations, for meeting up with your nearest and dearest. A time for joy and goodwill.

As is to be expected, at this time of year every company worth its salt will be celebrating Christmas at work, with the aim of fostering team spirit among its employees.

As we all know, over the years, the activities chosen for such events have been snowballing in terms of variety and originality.

In the past, it used to be based on a gastronomic get-together and everything would draw to a close after that pleasurable but, ultimately, humdrum company meal where, if you were lucky, somebody had suggested the ubiquitous “invisible friend” activity, sharing out the participant’s names throughout the office in order to anonymously regale each other with presents, thus cultivating a slight aura of mystery and fun among all the colleagues. That emotion was all we could hope for at the company Christmas celebrations. Now, however, it is here where, somewhat curiously, everything gets started.

The most modern and innovative companies have begun to take the lead with dynamic activities, such as gymkhanas, which have all manner of tests of agility, skill, memory and mimicry. Constant challenges, always contemplating the presence of teamwork within the game itself.

Activities with contracted outsourced entertainment, with different themes among them, have also come to the fore in numerous European companies, not to mention dance competitions. These are customs and traditions that are being adopted and passed on from one firm to another, until they are transformed into a genuine tradition in many companies.

In 2006 the concept of Escape Room came into being in the USA —a computer game with limited time to solve a riddle— and 2008 saw the appearance for the first time of live escape games, in real rooms. Since then, we have seen how corporate Escape Room activities have gained remarkable popularity.

This onwards and upward trajectory of diversity in terms of team-building activities has succeeded in making Christmas at work celebrations into genuinely enriching activities for fostering teamwork among members, and has become an event with activities highly anticipated by all.

They enjoy working in tandem, playing in a team. In pedagogical terms, you couldn’t ask more of a company. Managing to infuse these values through a cheerful, playful atmosphere is considered a real success.

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