The Best Team Building Experience

Do you want to motivate your team to improve their performance in a fun, competitive way and through true team work? Local Tuk Tuk and Strayboots offer team building activities which are unforgettable, easy, fun and eco-friendly, combining an online platform with the best that the city of Lisbon has to offer aboard all-electric tuk tuks!

Scavenger Hunt in Lisbon

Because we know that workers and contributors are one of the most important parts of a company, we’ve decided to combine our tuk tuks with the fun games offered by Strayboots to create a scavenger hunt around Lisbon. Intrigued? Let us tell you how it works. Your group is divided into small teams who compete against each other to correctly complete the maximum number of challenges possible. Whilst making their way around Lisbon by tuk tuk, teams work on their healthy competition and team spirit, creating unforgettable memories.

Play using your smartphone

No need for an app, play the game entirely via your browser Live chat and leaderboard between teams
 30 – 35 challenges featuring questions and photos Online support available during the event
several tuk tuk carrying business people

Team Spirit

Work towards a goal as a group


Awaken a spirit of healthy competition


Explore the city of Lisbon, discovering hidden spots

Have Fun

Enjoy time spent away from the office

Team Dynamic

Working together means that all team members go further

Create Memories

Very special days produce unforgettable memories

Customisation, Fun and Team Building

To ensure that all workers and contributors have fun whilst improving their team spirit, Strayboots’ user-friendly technology allows you to customise the game. Travel in a tuk tuk and discover small details of Lisbon that could easily pass you by.

  • Follow the game from start to finish using the Client Dashboard
  • Option of customising the game to include your company’s colours and logo
  • Add any messages you like to the game, from start to finish
  • Create up to 5 bonus questions on any topic you like
  • Track the event in real time
man holding a phone with the strayboots game

Because they are small in size, tuk tuks are versatile vehicles which can be used in very varied ways. If you have a different idea or need a budget for the game, please contact us!

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I loved my tour with Marco! He was really friendly and this tour was the highlight of the trip. We got to see every nook and cranny of the city, would highly recommend!


Lisbon Big Overview

Lisbon is one of most beautiful cities of Europe, I live in Lisbon for a while now, but only after this Tuk Tuk tour I have been able to access the most amazing hidden places of the city. You will never get there if you take a bus or tram.