Surprise your better half with a romantic weekend in Lisbon or in Madrid
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. As such, we couldn’t help sharing some tips on how you can celebrate this date with a romantic weekend in Lisbon or Madrid. In truth, our ideas can even be used outside this celebration date, since Lisbon and Madrid are inspiring cities for couples in love. Find out all the romantic activities you can do in the Portuguese and Spanish capitals.

Rowing boat rides in the Campo Grande Garden (Lisbon)

Located in one of the busiest parts of the city, this space has the peculiarity of making us forget that we are in the central part of town. Here it’s normal to see people going on picknicks, jogging, playing paddle, or walking their pets. But what matters to our romantic program are the rowing boats, that you can find in the centre of the garden. Here you can spend a quiet afternoon, recreating any timeless romantic movie scene with your better half.

Address: Jardim do Campo Grande,1700-090 Lisboa

Go to the Opera in the São Carlos Theatre (Lisbon)

Yes, go to the Opera! Put on your best clothes and invite your better half to go to the Opera or a go see a choral or symphonic music concert in this National Monument, inaugurated in 1793, and the first public theatre opened to all the citizens. The seasons of the house of the Choir of the National Theatre of São Carlos and the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra present you masterpieces from Bizet to Stravinsky and are worth listening to in a romantic environment.

Address: Rua Serpa Pinto 9, 1200-442 Lisboa

Read a romance together in the Gulbenkian garden (Lisbon)

Inaugurated in 1969, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has a garden that became one the capitals symbols for a place to read and get some peace, it’s a mandatory stop for the city’s most romantic souls. Find your place in the sun, prepare your book, and impress your better half with a pinch of culture. So you can make the moment even more special, go to the garden’s coffee shop and buy a carob ice cream, they are delicious.

Address: Avenida de Berna 45 A, 1067-001 Lisboa

Arab baths in Madrid

Who knew that in the heart of the Spanish capital it was possible to find a tranquillity oasis with Arab inspirations, in Plaza Jacinto Benavente? The Hamman Al Ándalus is the perfect place to surprise your other half by recreating the century-old Arab baths. When you enter you will find a carefully arranged place, that was designed to stimulate the five senses, with relaxing music and a pleasant incense smell that create a romantic environment.

Address: Calle de Atocha, 14, 28012 Madrid

Discover a secret garden in Puerta del Sol (Madrid)

Take your loved one by the hand and don’t allow them to ask questions. The destination is the number 37th in Montera Street, the store Salvador Bachiller. Go to the third floor and discover a unique place where tranquillity diverges from the busy city centre of Madrid while offering an extraordinary gastronomical variety of proposals. In this small room, have a seat, relax, and savour a cup of tea or coffee. And the garden? On the fourth floor, you will find a secret garden with a small terrace and a view over Montera Street that you can appreciate together.

Address: Calle de la Montera, 37, 28013 Madrid

Watch the sunset over the Debod Temple

Madrid has many magical places where you can see amazing sunsets. The Debod Temple, close to Plaza España, is without question one of the preferred places for the Spanish lovers when they want to end the day sitting on the grass with a glass of wine, while the sun says goodbye and the temple starts to get illuminated. It’s a charm, an extraordinary moment, worthy of a movie picture.

Address: Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid

Go on a tuk tuk tour (Lisbon & Madrid)

Don’t worry about anything else. Climb aboard one tuk tuk, in Lisbon or Madrid, sit comfortably and let yourself stay in the hands of the drivers. After all, on a romantic weekend you will only have eyes for your better half, right? You will go to these two cities’ most romantic spots, and get tips on additional places, that complement today’s list, and that you cannot miss.

Are you already looking at your calendar so you can book your romantic getaway to Lisbon or Madrid? Seize the opportunity and book tuk tuk tour too!


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