Considered to be one of the main representations of Spanish culture, flamenco is a form of artistic expression with a long tradition behind it, the product of a fusion of dance, singing and guitar. Today, we invite you to delve deeper into this art, which was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

The Portuguese are said to be a sad, melancholic, nostalgic nation… They even have a word, untranslatable into any other language, which defines the feeling of sorrow and nostalgia caused by the absence, disappearance, distance or denial of people, eras, places or things that we feel linked to and would like to have again: saudade.

Isn’t that divine? On St Martin’s day, celebrated on 11th November, you can find bread, chestnuts and wine on Portuguese tables! This tradition is maintained to mark the date when the saint was buried, in the French city of Tours, where he was the bishop and founded Europe’s oldest monastery: Marmoutier. People believe that, on

Halloween is a celebration known throughout the world, originally associated with English-speaking countries but which now has a place in many non English-speaking countries. Portugal is no exception. But did you know that, until very recently, the tradition was to ask for Pão por Deus or “Bread in God’s name”? Discover this Portuguese festivity, which

Not sure about travelling? Here are some reasons to convince you Whether out of fear of the unknown or because of the stress caused by planning, there are, indeed, people who don’t like travelling. Meanwhile, there are people who would love to spend their whole lives doing it. Today’s article aims to convince even the

It’s true, tapas are usually associated with Spanish culture, but if there’s one thing that Portuguese people like to do, it’s eat! Tapas aren’t exactly a novelty in Portugal, but they were traditionally known as petiscos, or snacks. And going out for both snacks and tapas means having something to eat whilst you spend time

If you haven’t yet been to this temple of Spanish cuisine, you don’t know what you’re missing! Located in the heart of Madrid, very close to Plaza Mayor, San Miguel market is a must-see tourist attraction for anyone visiting the Spanish capital. If you think this place is just a tourist trap, think again! You’ll

Travelling is fantastic! And with children? Absolutely! If you’re considering travelling with children, there are a few things you should bear in mind before embarking on your adventure. Just like in daily life, there will be tantrums, you’ll have to expect the unexpected and you’ll rush around… Here are some tips to help you ensure

Lisbon is an enchanting city, full of history, monuments and amazing attractions, that brings tourists from all the corners of the world. And yet, the Portuguese capital still has places that are little-known by the majority of tourists visiting it, contributing to increasing all the mystique that surrounds this city that exudes tradition. Today we

Thanks to its architectural diversity, which ranges from centuries-old buildings resembling castles and palaces right out of a fairytale to fantastic works created by the imagination of some of the great postmodernist minds, Madrid has the status of an “open-air museum” for art and architecture lovers. As one of Europe’s main urban areas and, at