When a football game is played in Madrid, it is practically impossible not to notice the party atmosphere and euphoria in the streets. The famous teams are Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. We are talking, no less, about the top three clubs in the city’s century-old football history since their respective creations

Do your kids ever got bored while visiting a new city? Madrid opens its doors to the youngest members of the family. We must not forget how important it is to keep kids happy during a trip, not only to ensure that they have a good time, but also to keep them entertained so that

When establishing which is the liveliest city in Spain, we simply must talk about the capital, Madrid, since it hosts all kinds of events, concerts and festivities 365 days a year. However, if there is an outstanding type of celebration that attracts thousands of people of all ages every year, that would be its popular

When we talk about Carnival, we always think about Rio de Janeiro, samba, and the colourful costumes that parade along the streets while accompanied by the joyful sound of Brazilian music. Rio de Janeiro’s traditional Carnival is known all throughout the world and brings many tourists, around 500 thousand a year, to this light-hearted city.

Built on the banks of the Tagus, Lisbon has achieved the status of being one of the world’s most beautiful cities. A great number of viewpoints on the city’s seven hills offer breath-taking views of the houses which joyfully spill down their sides towards the river. In today’s article, we’d like to introduce you to

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. As such, we couldn’t help sharing some tips on how you can celebrate this date with a romantic weekend in Lisbon or Madrid. In truth, our ideas can even be used outside this celebration date, since Lisbon and Madrid are inspiring cities for couples in love. Find out all the

The 6th of January is the favourite day in the whole of the Christmas season for Spanish children, and for many grown-ups too. Yes, Christmas presents are opened on that day! The Epiphany, known in Spain as Three Kings’ Day, is one of the most popular feast days in the Christian tradition in Spain, commemorating

Dress up! New Year’s Eve is upon us! Do you know where you’ll be celebrating? In Lisbon or in Madrid? Today we present some of the best places in these two cities where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in an unforgettable way! Are you ready? The countdown has started! Ten… Nine… Eight… Terreiro do

Sometimes, Christmas music and lights alone don’t help to inspire the most indecisive of us when embarking on the adventure of buying the best Christmas gifts. So, today we’d like to give you a helping hand if, at this point, you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping. If you still need to buy presents for

Yes, the Christmas spirit is in the air in Lisbon and Madrid. Could it be because it’s cold? Could it be because of the Christmas music filling the city centres of the Portuguese and Spanish capitals? Hmm, maybe… But one thing’s for sure: without traditional Christmas lights, this festive period wouldn’t be as magical in